What does a conveyancer do in New South Wales?

What does a conveyancer do in New South Wales?

 Usually, there’re 3 stages to a conveyancers role in a house sale and purchase; prep of sale agreement, the exchange of the agreements and completion.

What does a Conveyancer do in NSW?

Conveyancing  is carried out by licensed experts such as a Conveyancer or a lawyer. It is their job to provide solid advice before the sale, prepare the papers and conduct the complete settlements procedure. They work on your side to the advice of any problem which could affect the sale of the property.

Both the purchaser and seller of the property need to employ their conveyancers to represent their part of the legal procedure.

Lodge and prepare all the legal papers including the agreement of sale, a notice of acquisition, and the complete memorandum of transfer.

Attention will be given to:

  • Restrictions
  • Zoning laws
  • Utility connections
  • Title matters
  • Price
  • Settlement dates
  • Special conditions

Once the transfer of the property is drawn up, the buyer will sign the paper. It’ll then be forwarded to the seller’s representatives at least 10 days before the settlement time.

Research the property and check the official document of title

A cross reference of the info from the seller might also be essential.

Officials papers might be required especially if the seller’s statement contains inadequate info. The statement needs to be sent to the seller before settlement time.

It’s worth noting that these 2 services might incur additional fees

A fine Conveyancer will keep you informed each step of the way.

From the Seller’s Perspective

  • Communicate with your lender if the land has a mortgage
  • Respond to purchaser requests
  • Prepare the entire legal papers such as the seller’s Statement

Like real estate brokers, not all Conveyancers or lawyers are made equally. Therefore, you’ll need to make an appointment to visit and confirm they’ve your high interests at heart.

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