The Best Mexican Dishes That You Should Try

The Best Mexican Dishes That You Should Try

Mexico is the very famous American neighbor that is located just under the United States Of America, and it has been known to be a place of wonders, and also it has been known to always make sure that you eat tasty food. The Mexican culture always consists of some incredibly lavish festivals and also all kinds of traditions and the landscape is something that we should really appreciate. The country also features a very warm and a beautifully tropical climate. What everyone should know is that one thing that is amazing about Mexico would be the food. Mexican food has become world-famous, and it goes beyond traditional and simple food which is featured in restaurants or even fast-food chains like Chipotle.

There is a lot more to Mexican food than Taco Bell and burritos, and there is also so much more to Mexico than the tourist experience. Without any further ado, here are some of the best Mexican dishes that you should try in the next few days.

  • Tamales are a very well known traditional staple that is made from corn dough called masa. This masa is steamed, and then it is filled with a wide variety of ingredients. Some people add meat, and some people do not. They sometimes add a lot of chicken and vegetables and some just put in a lot of veggies. These steamed pockets are actually really tasty, and when you bite into it, there is a delicate crunch that you will think about and enjoy.

  • Birria is the next one up on the list, and this dish is not exactly on the popular side. There are chances that so many people may not have even heard of this dish. It still is one of the best dishes that all of you should try. In its essence, it seems like a simple stew-like dish that usually has meat. But it is actually so much more than that. It will leave you with a happy feeling that you have just had such a beautiful dish.
  • Carnitas is definitely something that you would have heard of or even tried; and yes, it does deserve to be on this list. Carnitas refers to the pork in the dish, where it is cooked to the point of tenderness; so tender that it can be torn away with a fork and then easily turned into tiny pieces.

  • We could not possibly create a guide about Mexican food and not put in Tacos in there, could we? These are some of the most popular Mexican foods out there. They are essentially tortillas filled with sauces, cheeses and fillings as well.


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